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What Face Masks are Best for you?

Face Masks are a great addition to your skin care routines. Designed to restore, moisture, and replenish the skin, regular facial masks will help to repair and hydrate. The best facial masks are packed with antioxidants and support facial firmness whilst protecting and restoring your skins natural PH.

We all have different skin types with varying sensitivities so finding a facial cleansing mask that suits your needs is important. Understanding your skin will help you determine what type of facial mask works best for you.

There are wide range of face masks, each with their own formulations. They come in many forms including, cream gel, and clay. The ingredients and technology used varies greatly from mask to mask.

The most common face masks are:

Cleansing Mask: This can be used as an exfoliating treatment or to remove makeup and dirt from the surface of the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Hydrating Mask: These work by drawing moisture into the pores of the skin where it then evaporates through the skin’s natural oil glands. They leave the skin looking plumper and more hydrated than before.

Moisturising Mask: Moisturising masks provide nourishment to the skin while helping prevent further damage caused by environmental factors.

Exfoliation Mask: Exfoliation masks use abrasive particles in order to gently lift off dead cells and reveal fresh new ones underneath.

Our Recommended Masks

Studio Soleil Beauty Salon are passionate about providing the best beauty products. We listen to our customers and have chosen what we believe to the best facial masks available on the market today.

Currently in stock in, we have the Syrene Aqua Hydrating Masque and will continue to add more high quality facial masks to our Online Shop.

Our best masks are chosen to help rescue dehydrated skins, restore moisture and protect against aging. Packed with antioxidants, facemasks contain natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals, essential oils, seaweed and fruit extracts which work together with anti-aging properties to keep face looking youthful and improve your skin’s radiance.

How often Should use a Face Mask?

Many experts recommend a using a face mask at least twice a week. At the end of our day, our skin can be damaged from pollutants which can block pores and dehydrate the skin.

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